who we are

Expert Sourcing Partner for Manufacturing Solutions

MachiningPartner.com is your ultimate sourcing partner with the industry know-how and deep relationships formed over the decades with reliable strategic partners. We are group of skilled and passionate engineers, CNC programmers and machinist from mostly California, Texas and Arizona.

We worked on many amazing projects across different industries. Some of companies we are extensively familiar with are Applied Materials, LAM research, Tesla, SpaceX, Sanmina, Airbus, Loral Space & Communications, Coherent Inc, Novellus Systems, US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense, Sandia National Laboratories, Apple, and many more.

Machining and Manufacturing Freelancers

As business race ahead in search of increased profits and larger markets, they need to hire experts with minimal training and management cost. They also want to retain the freedom of employment flexibility, ability to change experts on hire hence freelancer experts are a smart choice. Many corporate in today’s era of globalization where geography doesn’t matter but people’s talents matters. Freelancers expert hired across levels departments such as the machining and manufacturing industry.

Machining Partner is an online business website where you find On-demand Machining Experts. Our main goal is recruiting freelancers of engineering background to machining, engineering, manufacturing having low fees, and niche targeting. We would like to introduce freelancers into the new world for machining, engineering, and the gig economy. It’s a great platform to show skills, and an opportunity to become a professional seller.